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Hanabusa Youko Official Site

The Official Site of Hanabusa Youko

Official Blog Official Blog
Lady Lady!!  
Only Shojo  
Little Lady Rin  
Shoujo Manga Outline *Lady!!*  
Manga-World: Loteng Rahasia Another manga story by Hanabusa Youko.
Toei Animation Official Site
Lady Lady  

(Gwendoline) Lady Lady

Hanabusa Youko Works  
CARTOONIA: Milly un giorno dopo l'altro  
Lady Lady Information
Hellow Lady Lynn Information
http://www.jingoro.demon.co.uk/cartoonist.html 2 books contains Hanabusa Youko's drawings
Lady Lady!! (TV)  
Lady Lady!! (Movie)  
TV Anime Lady Lady!!  
Youko Hanabusa  
Youko hanabusa  
Youko Hanabusa  
Hello! Lady Lynn  
Lady Lady  
Lady Lady Fan List Lady Lady Fan List

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